Eastside Westside Music Together has served the upper east and west sides since 1993. During that time, we've heard countless stories about how the Music Together® program has impacted families' lives, in so many ways. We'd like to share a few of those stories with you.

Music Together provided a framework of how to interact musically with my children. I found that I sang with my children and played silly musical games with them outside of class. Even though my children are older now ... music is a regular and frequent part of our day and I really feel this is due in large part to our involvement in Music Together.

Mary, mom of Elizabeth & William

We have [the Music Together CDs] on at home for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They have become very much a comfort for my daughter. I love how the music has taught her to "lose herself" and just have fun with the beat. I know there are 1001 other classes out there that we could have taken, but thank goodness I was directed to your program from Day One. It truly brings out the natural musicality that all children are born with.

Holly, mother of Libby

I don't get to go to class that often, my sitter brings my daughter. I love that the CDs go home so I can learn the songs too. My daughter's favorite song is Vengan a Ver and we don't even speak Spanish! She just loves class and now loves to make music anywhere!

Ivy, mother of Maya

It is so great to have a program where I can bring my children of different ages together. There are so few programs out there which allow that. I'm grateful for a class to which I can take both that is equally engaging and beneficial for [their] different ages.

Katherine, mom to Elizabeth&Sara

My husband is older than me and therefore his mother became a grandmother for the first time more than 28 years ago, when his brother had children. She had three granddaughters in their twenties when my daughter, her fourth granddaughter, was born in June. This Thanksgiving, everyone came to my house and after dinner, Isabella was in her room playing on the floor with her toys listening to herMusic Together CD. When the song, "Nigun", came on her "Grandy", as she likes to be called, asked if she wanted to dance. As the song played, I held my daughter facing towards her Grandy and moved to her and away with the beat. We danced around the room in a circle and Isabella cried out with laughter, anticipating seeing her Grandy's face. I have never seen my mother-in-law so happy.

The next week, my mother-in-law wrote my husband and I a letter, thanking us for taking Isabella to music classes and saying that she feels she has found a great connection to her granddaughter through music. She said that she did not know how it would be, to be a grandmother again at truly a grandmother's age -- she worried about what her role would be and how she would have the energy to participate and play with a new baby.

Through music, Grandy found a way to play with Isabella. Everything was easy and on Thanksgiving, we were thankful for this class and the CD we play at home

Erin, mother of Isabella

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