About the Program

Music Together® has a long history of inclusion, bringing this valuable program to among others, at-risk and teenage mothers in and out of the judicial system, children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, the deaf and hard-of hearing, the elderly, and families whose children are undergoing cancer treatment. We are proud to contribute to this rich tradition and are committed to bringing Music Together to members of our community who may not otherwise have access to an educational program of this caliber.

In 2009, four Music Together teachers formed ArtStrides, with the mission to bring arts-based education programming like Music Together to those who may not otherwise have access to such programs. In two short years, they have established programs in a residential housing unit for formerly homeless families, a preschool for children with special needs, a youth center on the lower east side, and other family services organizations. In September 2011 PS 536 in the Bronx became the first public school in NYC to receive the full scale Music Together program to all pre-k and kindergarten classrooms. In 2012, the program expanded to include 1st grade. 

From 1997 to 2013 Eastside Westside Music Together provided Music Together classes to the children at Standing Tall, on the upper west side. Standing Tall was founded by a group of parents, medical professionals and educators seeking a more powerful and integrated approach to educating young children with motor issues. Standing Tall’s daytime programs for pre-school and school age children combine a highly structured, intensive program of daily physical training with traditional academic studies. Young students use their bodies actively throughout the day while learning reading, math, literature, music, science and art. They get out of their chairs - quite literally “standing tall” - to meet physical as well as academic goals.

We have also worked closely with the Ronald McDonald House, providing classes, sing-alongs, and instrument making workshops to the children and families living in residence. 


What is an Outreach Program? Outreach programs serve families who might not otherwise be able to experience Music Together. This includes intergenerational classes, children with special needs, and low income and at-risk families.

I have an idea for an outreach project. Who should I contact? Wonderful! Call (212) 496-1242 or contact us today!

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