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About the Program

Music Together Online is a package of online music experiences and resources that, together, create a comprehensive music learning program for your child (and you!). When you join us for Music Together Online (Mixed-ages, Babies, Master Class for 3s/4s, Rhythm Kids), you'll receive:

  • One 35-40 minute Zoom class with the teacher of your choice, including interaction time before/after class

  • Three Facebook Live mini-classes (15-20 minutes) per week 

  • One pre-recorded video each week to watch and participate at your convenience

  • Downloadable family resources (coloring pages, musical games, etc)

  • Song Collection materials (songbook, CD, download code) mailed directly to your door.

  • Unlimited makeups

  • Option to include grandparents in your Zoom class experience every week!

We are committed to high-touch, interactive, educationally appropriate music immersion and will continue to provide quality music experiences for you and your family, whether in-person, or online. At Music Together, we help children develop a solid foundation for life-long music-making! And what we're learning is that this is true whether we're singing and dancing in person or on Zoom and Facebook Live.

Have concerns about screentime? Here’s what we know. When children stare at a screen and passively receive information, they don't take it in the same way as face-to-face interactions. That's not what we want, nor what we intend for your child's experience and development. Screentime can be effective and beneficial to your child's learning when you're right there with them, actively participating, engaging, and learning, too. We know why - because YOU are the most important ingredient in your child's music development! When you immerse in the experience with your child, interacting with your teacher online, and each other in your home, using computers, screens, and devices can be a wonderful tool for learning. For more on this topic, check out this article.

Day of Week:
Class Type:
Class Day/Time Location Start Date Teacher Register

Monday Zoom 9:30 AM 03/22/21 Danny Mahon Register
Monday Zoom 10:00 AM 03/22/21 Kirsten Hopkins Register
Monday Zoom 4:30 PM 03/22/21 Liz Asti Register
Monday Zoom 5:30 PM 03/22/21 Kirsten Hopkins Register

Tuesday Zoom 9:30 AM 03/23/21 Liz Asti Register
Tuesday Zoom 4:00 PM 03/23/21 Alicia Anthony Register
Tuesday Zoom 4:30 PM 03/23/21 Davis Haines Register

Wednesday Zoom 10:00 AM 03/24/21 Liz Asti Register
Wednesday Zoom 3:00 PM 03/24/21 Liz Richter Register
Wednesday Zoom 4:30 PM 03/24/21 Liz Asti Register

Thursday Zoom 9:30 AM 03/25/21 Liz Richter Register
Thursday Zoom 10:00 AM 03/25/21 Danny Mahon Register
Thursday Zoom 10:30 AM 03/25/21 Liz Asti Register
Thursday Zoom 11:30 AM 03/25/21 Davis Haines Register
Thursday Zoom 3:30 PM 03/25/21 Rana Rines Register
Thursday Zoom 4:30 PM 03/25/21 Danny Mahon Register

Friday Zoom 9:30 AM 03/26/21 Danny Mahon Register
Friday Zoom 10:00 AM 03/26/21 Sandy Wilson Register
Friday Zoom 10:30 AM 03/26/21 Bill Pace Register
Friday Zoom 1:30 PM 03/26/21 Sandy Wilson Register

Saturday Zoom 9:30 AM 03/27/21 Sandy Wilson Register
Saturday Zoom 10:00 AM 03/27/21 Abby C. Smith Register
Saturday Zoom 11:30 AM 03/27/21 Sandy Wilson Register

Sunday Zoom 10:00 AM 03/21/21 Rana Rines Register
Sunday Zoom 11:00 AM 03/21/21 Rana Rines Register
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