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Join us and become part of an amazing community of NYC families where you can make music with friends and witness your child's musicality blossom. We're now offering our beloved educactional curriculum online (Spring and Summer!) Choose a weekly Zoom class (see schedule below), and you'll also get access to our private FB group for FB Live Singalongs and other videos by our stellar crew of talented musician/teacher educators. Email us to try a Zoom class! Scroll down to see our full schedule.

Questions? Call or text (917) 994-0534.


    Spring Online 2020 Mar 28 - June 5 10 weeks
       Summer Online 2020 June 15 - July 26 6 weeks


  Music Together® classes consist of developmentally appropriate activities that engage all ages from newborn to preschoolers and adults (you'll love it, too!), taught by our talented staff. They're great musicians and trained educators, too. They can rock it and they can tell you all about your child's music development and how you can support it. An ESWS teacher has been a beloved first teacher to so many! Join us and start making memories.  


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Class Day/Time Start Date Teacher Register

Lizzie Edelstein (Rebecca) will be attending this class the first 3 weeks of the winter semester.
Monday 9:00 AM 06/15/20 Kirsten Hopkins Register
Monday 9:30 AM 06/15/20 Danny Mahon Register
Monday 10:00 AM 06/15/20 Kirsten Hopkins Register
Monday 11:00 AM 06/15/20 Abby C. Smith Register
Monday 12:30 PM 06/15/20 Kirsten Hopkins Register
Monday 4:30 PM 06/15/20 Liz Asti Register

Tuesday 9:00 AM 06/16/20 Danny Mahon Register
Tuesday 9:30 AM 06/16/20 Liz Asti Register
Tuesday 10:00 AM 06/16/20 Davis Haines Register
Tuesday 11:00 AM 06/16/20 Deanna deCampos, Director Register
Tuesday 1:30 PM 06/16/20 Sandy Wilson Register
Tuesday 4:00 PM 06/16/20 Alicia Anthony Register
Tuesday 4:15 PM 06/16/20 Davis Haines Register

Wednesday 9:30 AM 06/17/20 Abby C. Smith Register
Wednesday 10:00 AM 06/17/20 Liz Asti Register
Wednesday 10:30 AM 06/17/20 Sandy Wilson Register
Wednesday 11:00 AM 06/17/20 Liz Richter Register
Wednesday 12:30 PM 06/17/20 Liz Asti Register

Thursday 9:30 AM 06/18/20 Liz Richter Register
Thursday 10:00 AM 06/18/20 Danny Mahon Register
Thursday 10:30 AM 06/18/20 Liz Asti Register
Thursday 11:30 AM 06/18/20 Davis Haines Register
Thursday 4:30 PM 06/18/20 Danny Mahon Register

Friday 9:30 AM 06/19/20 Danny Mahon Register
Friday 10:30 AM 06/19/20 Bill Pace Register
Friday 11:00 AM 06/19/20 Sandy Wilson Register
Friday 11:30 AM 06/19/20 Liz Richter Register
Friday 12:30 PM 06/19/20 Sandy Wilson Register

Saturday 9:30 AM 06/20/20 Sandy Wilson Register
Saturday 10:00 AM 06/20/20 Abby C. Smith Register
Saturday 10:30 AM 06/20/20 Sandy Wilson Register

Sunday 11:00 AM 06/21/20 Rana Rines Register
Sunday 12:30 PM 06/21/20 Rana Rines Register
Sunday 4:00 PM 06/21/20 Kirsten Hopkins Register